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Hey we have not heard about you before?

That’s right. We have launched only in 2013. After 2 years of research in houseboat and hospitality management and 1 yr 6 months for customized construction of the houseboat. We have not gone for any large scale advertisement campaign because we believe our service and quality will do it for us.

Hey! Is it safe to travel and stay in houseboat?

Yes it is. All the safety norms prescribed by IWT (Inland Water Transport Authority) is fully complied with. We got our registration to operate only after stringent inspections by IWT officials. Sufficient number of Life jacket and Lifebuoy are available on board. Built quality of the houseboat is very high compared to any other boat.

We have GPS system installed in our houseboat with which we constantly monitor the movement.

We have depth finder installed with which we know the depth of the water level at any place so that we are not stuck anywhere due to low tide.

We have modern security alarm system installed, which is triggered when the panic button from the cabins /crew is pressed or water level of the hull increases or there is smoke in the cabins etc. As soon as the alarm system is triggered, the alarm will sound to alert nearby boat, villages etc. Automatically the head office will get a distress message and the accurate geo (GPS) position (+ /- 5 metres) is informed which is forwarded to Forest department, police dept etc for immediate action. We also have other safety measures which we do not disclose as per company policies.

Trust us we have all measures to make the tour safe for you and your family.

Pirates in Sundarban are now things of the past. In spite of that, our route and anchoring places are carefully decided so it’s very safe.
Majority of our crew are locals of Sundarban, so they are fully accustomed with the area and it’s people.
Not to mention we also conduct more than 184 security and comfort checks before every tour…….

What preparation do we need to make?

Absolutely nothing…Just pack your bags and leave everything on us.

What is physical address of your office? At this point, I’m unable to rely only on mails and phones. I would like to make the payment only in your office, as I don’t know about you?

Most welcome. However we would like to inform you that we are a company registered under companies act. We are also registered with West Bengal Tourism Development Corporation. We also have tripadvisor listing and facebook page where you may see our guests comments. Online payment facility, doorstep collection in Kolkata or account transfer is our way to say we care for your time.

What all is included in your package??

1. Your tour and stay in Luxury houseboat.

2. Pick up and drop from Kolkata by an AC vehicle (if opted)
3. Welcome drink, all meals (Ordinary veg or non-veg as opted), evening tea / coffee and snacks. However for your convenience, the houseboat is also having many other snacks, soft / hot drinks etc available on board which may be availed on payment.
4. Forest Department entry fees for all sites for houseboat, guests and entry fees for only STILL
camera of guests. Any other charges as applicable for video camera, Documentaries etc is to be
bourne by the guests.

Are the photos in the website actually of your houseboat?

Yes , they are, including the photograph of the food actually served in the houseboat.

Why you haven’t mentioned package price in your site ?

We consider each and every guest as exclusive, so every package price is different as per requirement of the guests. Once we finalise the requirement of the guests, the pricing is done based on our standard rates.

Will we get down anywhere or the full time on houseboat?

You will be getting down at many places. Forest watchtowers in the interiors , villages etc. The whole itinerary is as such that you have lots of fun and enjoyment.

The all meals means breakfast, lunch, snacks & dinner is included or not?

Yes, your each and every meal during houseboat cruise is included.

At night, where the boat will be stopped or it will be moving?

At night the houseboat will be anchored.

Why per guest price for every tour differs ?

Our pricing is done on 2 components, fixed which covers our expenses which are independent of the number of guests like fuel etc. Variable which depends on number of guests like food, forest permission etc. Pricing is done adding both the components. Hence more the number of guest in a tour less the per guest price.

Please give the full day program schedule time wise (approx) and places to cover. From where the houseboat start and finish?

Please refer itinerary section

Where do we need to board the vehicle in Kolkata?

We are operating in luxury segment, so there is no such condition of boarding from Science city etc etc.. we will pick you up from wherever you feel convenient in Kolkata. If 2 -3 families are going together, we would request you to collect at any one place of your choice for pick up and drop. In case you are from very nearby place like howrah dumdum etc, we may arrange pickup and drop at minor additional charges.

You say the facilities are star quality….but it doesn’t look like so…why? Can it be compared to a 4 star hotel?

First of all we have to understand that it is a boat and in no way can it be compared to a hotel.

Dynamics of construction of a houseboat is entirely different from that of a hotel.Unlike a Hotel, it is a product of mechanical engineering. Our focus here is primarily on safety issues and thereafter luxury and comfort.

The ethnic exterior is a time tested design which has been successful in the ecosystem of Sundarbans, which sees extreme weather conditions. However the interiors of the Houseboat are entirely different.

Please understand that this is an adventure tour wherein we have added a lot many facilities for the luxury and comfort of our guests making it a unique and a different kind of experience.

(Safely climbing Everest is much much more costlier than staying one month in a five star hotel…..and requires lot more preparations)

One thing we can say for sure, you will not find a single houseboat all over the world, providing all the facilities which are being provided in SUNDARBAN HOUSEBOAT.

If 14 people go, then atleast 2nos AC Innova is required to pickup and drop. Is it true and guaranteed?

We usually prefer keeping the whole group together, so we provide AC tempo traveler etc for the trip. However it is purely your choice. Minor additional charges will be applicable.

What happens if we are a small family? Do we have to give a huge price?

Not exactly. We have couples packages which are favorable for small families. There you have option to avail exclusive cabin packages (We will take other guests on other cabins), thereby reducing your price. You also have the option to go for exclusive houseboat package by paying a little extra.

You mentioned maximum capacity is 14 adults, how in 3 cabins? Bed capacity? How many baths? Are they sufficient?

All 3 cabins are with attached bath. All cabins are double bed cabins with provision to modify and accommodate 6+6+2= 14 guests comfortably. Cabin 1 : Special double bed which can accommodate only 2 guests. Made keeping in mind honeymoon couples.

Cabin 2 & 3: Double bed cabin. If required bed can be extended from both sides to accommodate 4 guests and 2 comfortable bunk beds.

Apart from the above, we do have camping tent, airbeds onboard in which we can accommodate 8 more adventurous guests in non AC upper deck area. However the same is provided only under exclusive houseboat booking or under special circumstances to guests who have booked cabins. We also have an additional common bath.

You will appreciate, being a water vessel, though for obvious reasons the cabins and baths are little smaller compared to a hotel but that is what makes it more adventurous with all amenities sufficient to provide an amazing experience to all guests.

JUST KEEP ASIDE THE MINDSET OF STAYING IN A RESORT/ HOTEL, leave everything on us and get immersed in this adventure of the mesmerizing beauty and  mystic of Sundarbans in the unique atmosphere of SUNDARBAN HOUSEBOAT.

What happens if we cancel the booking? What if we want to change the date?

Our booking terms are very friendly as we allow change of date (subject to availability) upto 15 days before the tour date. In case of unforeseen circumstances if you cancel the booking within 30 days i.e. after payment of full amount, cancellation charges will be applicable as mentioned below. However it is hard for us to see our guests losing their money for reasons beyond their control, so we adjust the amount of cancellation charges with any future booking made by you within 6 months.

30 days or more from date of journey Flat Rs 3000/- per night
15 to 29 days 30 %
4 to 14 days 40 %
1 to 3 days 60 %
Date of journey 80 %
* Tax collected (if any) is non refundable.

** Cancellation charges are based on the package price.

*** For cancellation from 3 days to date of journey, only 50 % of the cancellation charges is adjustable in future.

**** First change of date is allowed without any additional amount. 2nd and subsequent change of date is allowed after payment of additional date change charge of Rs 3000/- per night.

We understand that cancellation is unfortunate , so we do not believe in earning when you lose money so we give refund even if you cancel on the last date. However in case of booking through our travel partners, cancellation charges of travel partner or ours, whichever is higher will be applicable.

You have not classified the different rate for Adults & Child. Clarify.

We charge 50 % of the per guest charges for children upto 8 years. Above 8 years full charge.

What will happen if you cancel the booking due to weather or any other reasons?

Cancellation is extremely rare in our company. However If it happens we would request you to change tour date(s) to any available date(s) or otherwise we will give you 100 % refund of the amount received from you. As you wish….

Kindly note that our liability is restricted only upto the amount received from you without any interest or charges. We shall also not be liable to pay any incidental expenses / damages incurred by you on account of cancellation of the booking.

Do the cabins have mosquito net arrangement ? What needs to be done to protect from this calamity?

Thankfully mosquitoes are very rare in Sundarban especially in the middle of the rivers where we anchor at night. However we do have mosquito spray (Still unused) and liquidators available on board, just in case.

The food you provide in your package seems to be basic ?

The standard menu is scientifically devised based on actual experience with guests to avoid stress on the stomach. Since we will be cruising in the remote interiors of the forest, we want you to be fit every moment to enjoy this mesmerizing tour. However we understand that different guests have different food habits. So it is only an indicative itinerary. As a matter of practice the menu is finalized in due consultation with the guests before the tour.

We can also provide you Jain food onboard (Prior intimation required).

I want something more than your standard menu but not so much as your special menu. Just a few more items?

Absolutely fine. You decide whatever you want. Hopefully we will be able to comply your request as our chef on board knows to prepare more than 500 items. We may charge you a little bit for additional items.

We want only twin sharing cabins?

Yes, that’s possible. We have 3 Double bed cabins. In that case maximum 6 guests can be accommodated during a tour.

Do I have to take the whole houseboat even if I don’t want?

Absolutely not. You may avail exclusive cabin under couples package.

During the tour will there be an exclusive guide that would take us into the jungle?

Yes there will be. As per forest department norms there will be an exclusive guide with us provided by forest department. He will be with us during the whole tour.

What is the difference between Premium and Budget package??

The difference between premium package and budget package is mainly in 3 areas.

1) The vehicle for pick up from Kolkata will be better in premium package.

2) AC is available on demand 24 hrs in premium package. In budget package AC from 9.30 pm to

5.30 am is included in package. (For budget category guests, AC is available during daytime @ Rs

300/- per hour per cabin)

3) The route and schedule will be little different in Budget pack so as to save some fuel.

Since we are operating in luxury segment, we try to save expenses on fuel in the budget catogery…for

our budget conscious guests…that’s it…..

All other facilities are same…..

Do you provide mineral water for drinking?

Yes, we do. Mineral water from 20 litre jar is included in your package. If you need mineral water from 1 litre bottle …that is also available onboard (chargeable).

What are the broad terms and condition for booking?

1. The pick-up time from Kolkata by car / vehicle will be 9.30 am (if opted). The journey upto

Godkhali / Jharkhali is around 2.30 – 3.00 hrs by road. The houseboat will depart from Godkhali

/Jharkhali at 1.00 pm.

2. The houseboat will reach back at Godkhali/Jharkhali at 12.00 noon. The dropping time at

Kolkata by Car / Vehicle will be approx 4.00 pm. (if opted)

3. The management will make all efforts to ensure that timings are maintained. However we would

request you to bear with us in case of delays due to reasons beyond the control of the


4. In the unlikely event of cancellation of the tour, due to adverse weather / other reasons, the

company is liable only to reschedule the tour to some other mutually agreeable dates or else

refund 100% of the money received by the company for the tour.

5. The fare is inclusive of welcome drink, all meals (Ordinary veg or non-veg as opted), evening tea

/ coffee and snacks. However for your convenience, the houseboat is also having many other

snacks, soft / hot drinks etc available on board which may be availed on payment.

6. Free air conditioning is available in the cabins only from 9.30 pm to 5.30 am. Air conditioning on demand is available which is chargeable for budget package and free for Premium package).

7. The fare is inclusive of Forest Department entry fees for all sites for houseboat, guests and entry fees for only STILL camera of guests. Any other charges as applicable for video camera, Documentaries etc is to be bourne by the guests.

8. Names, age and sex of all the guest including children will be required to obtain permission from Forest Department. Foreign guest will be required to give copy of their Passport and Visa for permission. They also need to carry the originals during the tour.

9. The management will communicate with the Foreign Guests through email only. Domestic guests may be contacted through mobile and / or email.

10. All disputes are subject to Kolkata Jurisdiction. In case of delay in payment beyond 7 days, interest will be charged @ 24 % p.a.

11. CREATING MEMORIES OF A LIFETIME: The houseboat is equipped with loads of facilities for the comfort of the guests. We would be happy if you avail them

12.  WE CARE FOR YOU. The houseboat is fully equipped to ensure the safety and comfort of the guests.  The crew is trained to give primary importance to the safety of the guests. So in case any minor restriction is imposed by the crew, we would appreciate if you understand that it is for your own safety. Also to ensure the safety of minor children (if any), we request you not to leave them unaccompanied. 

13. WE CARE FOR THE ENVIRONMENT: We at Sundarban Houseboat are committed to conserve the Sundarban Ecosystem for generations to come. We would be happy if you support us in the endeavour by not discarding anything in the river. Kindly note that forest department imposes penalty for discarding waste in the river. In case of any requirement, our crew members will be very happy to assist you.

Can I use the Air conditioning 24 hrs?

Yes…You can. In the premium package AC is included for 24 hrs. In the budget package, free air conditioning is included from 9.30 pm to 5.30 am. It is our experience that guests usually do not use the AC during the day time as they are out enjoying the trip. However if budget is a constraint, we suggest you avail day time AC during your tour only if you require (We don’t want you to pay for services which you may not avail). For your convenience we have AC available on hourly charges. You just have to tell the crew … that’s it.

Can we actually see tigers?

Sighting of Royal Bengal Tiger depends on luck (King of the jungle can only decide when he wants to see us….). This is due to the fact that Sundarban Tiger Reserve is truly a place for tigers where they are not monitored. A tiger habitat in true sense. However Sundarban is much much more than only tigers. During the houseboat cruise you will have many opportunities to see various amazing flora, founa and eco regions of Sundarban which makes it so beautiful.

We want to have the best experience?

Trust us it will be. You may check the testimonial or comments on our facebook page to verify.