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Why Houseboat

Sundarban is one of the 28 finalist of NEW7WONDERS OF NATURE (of the world). It is nature’s masterpiece crafted delicately in millions of year. Explore it’s amazing beauty. Sundarban National Park declared World Heritage Site as natural wonder by UNESCO, is a National Park, one of the largest tiger reserve and a Biosphere Reserve. It is mostly uninhabited by men. It is dense forest located in numerous islands (World’s largest delta) and a web of rivers. All other tours require travel by Road which is exhausting. Traveling in AC Houseboat in Sundarban relaxes you. Imagine getting up in the morning with a cup of coffee in your hand, lift the curtain and find the boat moving through forest to an amazing new destination. Bengal is traditionally fixed as the typical locality for the Royal Bengal Tiger. Hence visit of Sundarban is a must for complete tiger safari. All other Safari are land based. Sundarban jungle safari is the only safari which will be conducted through Water in a houseboat. Sundarban having World’s Largest Mangrove Forest is also having 334 other plant species, 270 species of birds, 42 species of mammal including Royal Bengal Tiger, spotted deer, Crocodile, Gharial, Gangatic Dolphin, Water Monitor Lizards etc. The peace and serenity of Sundarban is amazing and it is a welcome change from the busy life. In Kerala & Srinagar you just enjoy staying in the Houseboat. Here not only you enjoy the stay but also the tour in the mesmarising forest in houseboat.
The rooms designed by interior designer can comfortably accommodate the requisite guests. You always stay in a hotel. Staying in a houseboat is an amazing change, experience it. Holiday is a time to relax. Why start your office schedule of getting up with an alarm in holidays, hurrying to catch the boat in time as others are waiting. Staying in a hotel binds you. You cannot go far off as you have to return in the evening. Staying in a houseboat is like carrying your Hotel with you. In the evening you can stop near a village spend the night there and move on in the morning to a new destination which cannot be covered if you stay in a hotel. Some of the amazing places in Sundarban are located far off. We start our journey early in the morning while you are asleep. You wake up, whenever you want, with a cup of coffee in your hand, lift the curtain and see the sun rising and the boat is moving smoothly through the mesmerizing forest and river. We will not let you miss anything…..even while you are asleep! Staying in a hotel, starting even at 9.00 am is difficult (Again the office schedule!). So you miss out some amazing areas of Sundarban (Of course, you will never know it existed……..) Let us compare a good hotel with a Mercedes. You stay there for comfort. Then you can say that our houseboat is a hummer, you stay in it for adventure. Of course it comes with lots of comfort of a luxury hotel. You start enjoying nature the moment you open your eyes, take a few lazy steps…… You pass a fisherman in a small boat with freshly catched fish. Feel like having it…..our exclusive chef will be very happy to prepare it for you. All your food is prepared on board in our fully equipped kitchen. So every time you get piping hot food prepared minutes ago….